Tips To Receive The Best Price For Your Car


Boosting your car’s value before a sale is a good idea whether making a private sale or making a part exchange (selling to a dealer).  Some things can be done and should be done, including fixing the big things when possible.  This is important because when potential buyers are looking at a used car they will be expecting to do the bare minimum in terms of car prep.  This means that it is a good idea to have your vehicle professionally detailed unless of course, the car is in such a condition in which detailing would not make a difference.  If the cost for a professional detailing job is prohibitive, then at least take some time to wash and wax the car and give it an oil change.

 When it comes to the big things that may need fixing, the final price will be directly related to how mechanically sound and cosmetically appealing the vehicle is.  While car buyers understand that used cars are used and they are not likely to be in perfect order, they still do not want to think about spending lots of money on fixing all the problems a used car may have.  As a seller, you can get a better price for your car when you can brag to potential buyers about how the vehicle has new brakes, or high-quality tires, or has low mileage, etc.  The car will sell more quickly and for a better price because buyers will feel more confident in their purchase and will not want to let the opportunity to buy the car pass by.

In regards to talking about what is good on the car, it is imperative to have the paperwork to back up the claims.  Hopefully, you have kept good records of the work you have done on the car, including receipts and records showing regular oil changes and maintenance.  Some used cars have bigger problems so getting the best price for that type of car and making a quick sale may involve selling to a car buyer instead of a private sale.  However, some of the problems that are worth fixing on a vehicle to get the best price may include lights, windshield chips or cracks, brakes, tires, and possibly dents or scratches.

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