Luxury Things To Do In Miami


Let’s have a look at the list about what all luxury things you can do in Miami!

1. Explore Ocean Drive

This street crosses Miami Beach and runs parallel to the beach shoreline. It is one of the most popular and well known sights in South Beach, always crowded and lively at any time of the day, as it concentrates the city’s leisure and restaurant offerings into a handful of trendy blocks.

On Ocean Drive you will find nightclubs, restaurants of all kinds, upscale shops, business premises, elegant hotels, and countless Art Deco buildings. With the aid of a luxury car rental in Miami you’ll cruise the block in style.  It is, after all, the coolest section of the entire Miami area and–if your budget permits it–the finest place to stay on Miami Beach.

Ocean Drive gets its name from its proximity to the adjacent beach, directly across the street. The view is a staple of every tourist guide, made famous by television series like Miami Vice and Burn Notice. It is, without a doubt, the place to be. Too bad everything is so outrageously expensive!

2. Be amazed by the buildings of the Art Deco district

The 24 streets that make up this district, located on Miami Beach, house a collection of more than 800 Art Deco buildings. The color, the ornamental wealth, the geometry, and the tropical motifs give this neighborhood a uniquely cheerful air not found anywhere else on Earth.

Many of these buildings are art or exhibition halls, museums, luxury car rental in Miami, or even hotels. It is worth visiting to contemplate the beauty of these buildings, among which the Colony Theatre, Park Central Hotel, Cavalier Hotel, Wolfsonian Museum, and the Post Office stand out.

3. Take a Stroll through Lummus Park

This recreation area occupies the 5th and 15th streets of South Beach, on the east side of Ocean Drive. Facing the sea and decorated with long strings of palm trees, it has a promenade, which is usually full of people skating, cyclists, runners, and walkers.

Next to it there are numerous grassy areas and a huge beach with all kinds of amenities, including beach volleyball courts. In addition, this popular area has also been the setting for numerous series and movies such as There’s Something About Mary. When you finally walk through Lummus Park you’re sure to find its beauty familiar.

4. Sunbathe on South Beach, the most fashionable beach in Florida

Between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic, in the southern part of Miami Beach you’ll find the neighborhood of South Beach–known by locals as SoBe. It is the best-known beach in all of Florida, let alone Miami. Fine white sand, turquoise blue waters, and the typical colorful lifeguard stands define the picture postcard image of SoBe in the sunlight.

It is a very busy beach, so forget about staying inside–get out there and enjoy the sand! Spending a few hours on the beach is an essential part of visiting Miami. The atmosphere there and the beach itself, which is excellent, are well worth a few hours of your time.

5. Visit the Gold Coast Railroad Museum

This space is located next to Zoo Miami–formerly known as Miami Metrozoo–and shares a parking lot with the popular animal attraction. The railroad museum contains more than 40 historical trains, including the Ferdinand Magellan, which was used by personalities as notable as Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, or Reagan. Guests are welcome to climb aboard and explore the train cars to experience luxury travel in a historical fashion.

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