Do I Need An Aftermarket Bumper?


Aftermarket front and rear bumpers are some of the most common modifications made to trucks and SUVs. While no one can argue that these bumpers can look amazing, are there reasons beyond aesthetics for investing in these mods? You bet.

Reason #1: You Drive

The primary function of bumpers, front and rear, is protection. The more you drive, the more you expose your vehicle to the hazards of the road and the more protection you need. Rocks, road salt, and even animals threaten your truck or SUV every time you’re on any road, urban or otherwise.

Reason #2: You Park on the Street

If you’re parallel parking your vehicle on the street regularly, someone will hit you. OEM bumpers are designed to crumple, but an aftermarket bumper will offer extra protection. Other, less skilled parkers will eventually back into your truck or SUV.

Reason #3: You Need More Light

Aftermarket bumpers give you multiple options for adding additional lighting to your vehicle. The options are endless: LED lightbars, spotlights, puddle lights, fog lights. These lights will give your truck a custom look you’re aiming for and increase visibility. Other drivers will see you, and you’ll be able to see everything that lies in front of you.

Reason #4: You’re Going Off-Roading

If you’re going to take your truck or SUV, overland modifications such as aftermarket bumpers are essential.

  • There are rocks out there. Little rocks get kicked up by your vehicle or by your buddy’s vehicle in front of you. Big rocks jut up out of the road, and you need the extra clearance provided by bumper mods to get over them. Low-hanging branches, prickly brush, or high protruding roots lurk around every corner, waiting to scratch your bumper. The list of stuff that can damage your vehicle is endless, and aftermarket bumpers are prepared to deal with them.
  • Animals are also out there. You don’t want to hit a deer with your OEM bumper; neither one of you will come out looking very good.
  • You might need a better recovery or towing option. Not every bumper is built for recovery, winching, or towing. Aftermarket bumpers made from steel or aluminum rather than plastic typically have much higher capacities for these tasks, making them better off-road options.

Is an aftermarket bumper mod right for you? Absolutely. You’ve got endless options to choose from, so start shopping today.

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