Is A Used BMW 3 Series Reliable?


Buying a used BMW can be a great way to get a high-end car for a much lower price and avoid the steep depreciation that comes in the car’s first year of life. But it’s important to know that you’re getting a reliable car, which is why you should always thoroughly research the overall reliability of any model you’re considering. If you’re in the market for a used BMW 3 Series, keep reading to learn more about this lineup’s overall reliability and which specific models are the most reliable.

All-Around Reliability Rating

What’s the overall reliability of the BMW 3 Series lineup? How does it compare to other sedans? According to J.D. Power & Associates, the BMW 3 Series has a score of 79 when it comes to reliability, which is about average. This means that it will give you a respectable amount of service over the years with an average amount of issues. It’s worth noting here that “average” is not a bad thing. Achieving a “good,” much less an “excellent” rating in this area is very difficult, and most cars don’t reach that level of reliability on the J.D. Power reliability scale.

Cost of Maintenance

When considering the reliability of a car, it’s also essential to think about how much the repairs are going to cost you. No matter how reliable a car is, it’s always going to need some kind of maintenance and the occasional repair. As a luxury car, any BMW 3 Series is going to have a slightly higher cost of maintenance than your average commuter car. This is to be expected of any high-end vehicle, so be sure to plan for this if you’re looking to buy a luxury car.

Which Model is Most Reliable?

If reliability is a top priority for you, you’re likely wondering which car in the BMW 3 Series lineup is the best. The majority of these cars have comparable reliability ratings, but 2006 through 2011 models of this car have the highest overall reliability rating, so the cars in these generations will be your best bet for a long-lasting vehicle that will provide continuous performance. A 328i sedan or coupe is one example of a vehicle in this lineup that will likely prove to be a long-lasting car. The 2011 model of the 328i was upgraded to the N55 motor, which fixed a lot of engine problems in earlier models, so this is a great option to look for if you’re in the market for a used BMW 3 Series for sale in Houston.

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