Find the Best Deal Top 5 2016 relaunched Ford Car


The American carmaker, Ford, is a sought-after brand in India and it is clear that the popularity of the company is increasing, considering that its clientele is expanding by the day. Many cars have been launched and some of the models have been revamped and re-launched to meet the demands of the public. Some of the popular Ford cars, presently being sold in India are listed below.

Ford Figo

Figo is a hatchback from Ford, costing between 4.39-7.55 lakhs, sold in 7 petrol variants, which give a mileage of 18.16 km/l, and 5 diesel variants, which give a mileage of 25.83 km/l. This is a pleasant car and the interiors are done up elegantly, with enough space for 5 people to be seated, apart from a capacious boot space of 257 liters, which can be increased by folding the rear seat.


Ford Figo Aspire

This is a sedan, available in 6 colors and costs between 5-8.41 lakhs. The 5 variants of the petrol engine give a mileage of 17-18.16 km/l and the 4 diesel variants give 23.83-25.83 km/l. This car resembles the Figo to such an extent, that is seen from the front, they can be confusing. Except for the rear portion, both of them are identical. Front wheels have disc brakes and rear wheels are incorporated with drum brakes, for safety.

Ford Classic

This is again a sedan and comes in 3 variants of petrol and diesel, each. It is priced between 5.25-7.83 lakhs and both the petrol as well as diesel variants come with a 5-speed manual transmission system. The mileage of the petrol Classic is 21.27 km/l, while the diesel mill gives an extraordinary mileage of 32.38 km/l, which is the reason for the popularity of the diesel variant of this sedan. As the name suggests, this car is definitely classic, whether seen from the outside or the cabin.

Ford EcoSport

This is an SUV from Ford, costing between 6.96-10.67 lakhs, being sold in 6 petrol variants, which give a mileage of 18.88 km/l and 5 diesel variants with a fuel economy of 22.27 km/l. EcoSport has been a hit in the compact SUV segment in the Indian automobile market, with its rugged looks which include swept-back narrow but powerful headlights and the spare tire being attached to the rear end. An important feature of the EcoSport is the inclusion of rain-sensing wipers.

Ford Fiesta

This is a sedan, slightly pricier than the earlier Ford cars, at 8.66-10.37 lakhs, which is sold in 3 diesel variants, giving a mileage of 25.01 km/l. ‘Fiesta means festival, in Spanish, and it is evident that this car is definitely worth a celebration, with its powerful yet smooth engine and amazing stability and safety features.

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