Defence Vehicle That Offers an Unmatched Off-Road Experience


The armed forces and policing bodies drive some of the best designed, developed and manufactured vehicles. Some of them are logistics vehicles that are tested and proven on some of the harshest conditions. These vehicles are modified to cater to customized transport needs as well so that loads can be hauled and troupes can be transported on uneven terrains with ease. Some of the best performing defence vehicles that offer an unmatched off-road performance are light vehicles like the ATVs or all-terrain vehicles modified for defence usage. They can be used across the entire defence, paramilitary and policing platforms. The best part is that these mobility modes are safe and highly efficient.

Some companies in India manufacture and market a wide array of hardest performing light and medium weight defence vehicles. Some of these are off-road ATVs that are useful in a wide array of applications like defence, civil usage, fire fighting purposes, off-road combat expeditions etc. These vehicles offer innovative automotive solutions. Best of all they are loaded with safety features so that the passenger/passengers stay mounted atop safe and sound. Interested parties can buy these ATVs from manufacturers who have dealership outlets all over the country in India. Such outlets are present in many major cities in India and defence vehicles like ATVs can be bought here. Some defence ATVs available in the Indian market are as follows:

  • MV 850 ultra-light tactical vehicles: These are manufactured and marketed by Polaris India. Even though this vehicle was specifically manufactured for the US military and allied forces, it is useful to transport military personnel and haul military loads on bumpy terrains present in extreme locales. The vehicle consists of an 850cc EFI engine that can generate up to 77hp power.
  • RZR SW 800 is a specially designed off-road ATV that is supplied by the same company to the Gujarat Police and can be bought in India. These are UTVs or side x side series vehicles that can carry two or more people at a time. These vehicles have a well-balanced CGI that can manage heavy loads on extreme terrains. Some interesting features of this line of vehicles are the fast throttle response, high power and superior acceleration.
  • The dirt bikes from the same company which are called 2-Ups or quad bikes include the Sportsman and Scrambler series of models. These ATVs are best for singleton riders belonging to defence forces. Defence forces use them for surveying locals as they have a much better turning radius that does not get compromised by bumpy tracks. Even though these vehicles demand a lot more physical effort for manoeuvring, still, they are some of the best defence quads available in the market today.

Thus defence 4×4 personnel carrier and patrol vehicles have been carefully designed to counter evolving threats, accomplish tasks fast and offer a ride as smooth as possible on some of the harshest terrains imaginable. On the other hand, such vehicles incorporate a safe driver’s cab, cargo hauliers, passenger-carrying capacity and a host of other features that together offer an unmatched off-road experience.

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