Top 5 Ferrari Rides You Can Only Buy In Your Imagination


Ferrari, the world-renowned sports car manufacturer, from Italy, has produced a few cars, which are meant for India, exclusively. The cars manufactured by them are extremely fast and are in high demand, due to the racy feel. Currently, 5 Ferrari cars are being sold in India and they are:

Ferrari 458 Spider

This convertible car, with a retractable hardtop, costs 2.8 crores and is available in 16 colors. It has a 7-speed transmission, attached to a V8 petrol engine, which is the best in the world, now, considering the ease with which it cuts through the wind. The body of the 458 Spider is outstandingly done, with its scissor doors, lustrous metallic paint, and a smooth roofline. The upholstery and steering wheel is covered with the finest quality leather.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

This car, as the name suggests, is really special, justifying its cost of 4.80 crores. It is a powerful car, with a displacement of 4497 ccs, and has, for the first time, a mid-rear-mounted V8 engine, which is the reason that a massive grille, like the other Ferrari cars, has given way to a smaller one. A top speed of 325 km/h is possible, along with a super quick acceleration of reaching 100 km/h in a mere 3.4 seconds.

Ferrari 488 GTB

This car costs 3.84 crores and is available with a V8 petrol engine which has a displacement of 4000 ccs. The cabin has been given the feel of a cockpit and new information and entertainment features are added to it, to increase navigational ease. The body is built with new sheet metal and the design is aerodynamic, with a massive grille in the front. This car provides the best acceleration, among all sports cars, when negotiating curves and bends on the roads.

Ferrari California T

This is a convertible car from Ferrari, costing 2.2 crores and available in 16 colors. The powerful V8 petrol engine, the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, direct petrol injection, and multi-link rear suspension, were first used by Ferrari, in the California T. Another specialty of the California T is that this is the first convertible to have a metal retractable roof. All the other convertibles had been relying on carbon fiber. Hence this car is sturdier.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

This car has an automatic transmission with 6262 cc displacement. The engine is a powerful V12 petrol front-mid mounted, rear-wheel-drive one. The most eye-catching feature of this car is the spectacular swooping accent line along its sides. There is extensive use of leather inside, and the steering wheel looks like an inspiration from F-I, adding to the appeal of the sports car. Ceramic brakes and dampers are fixed into the electronic chassis.

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